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VAG KKL USB+Fiat Ecu Scan

Newest version vag 409 VAG KKL USB+Fiat Ecu Scan diagnostic interface tool vag 409+ fiat ecu scan

 VAG KKL USB+Fiat Ecu Scan



 Drivers for Windows XP, 98, ME, 2000, Vista + Windows 7

Compatible with may diagnostic software packages including:


Fiat ECU Scan

 KKL V409

Cable adapted to include a 4 way switch to access different ECUs:

 Position 1 = Engine ECU (read / clear engine faults)

 Position 2 = AirBag ECU (read / clear airbag faults)

 Position 3 = ABS ECU (read / clear break faults)

 Position 4 = ESP ECU (red / clear stability faults)


How to use:

 Plug in cable to computer / laptop

 Install cable drivers (provided on CD)

 Make any additional settings which your diagnostic software suggests

 Set the switch on the VAG-COM to diagnose the desired ECU

 Plug cable into cars OBD connector

 Connect using the diagnostic software product


Package Included:

 1 vag kkl +fiat ecu scan

 2 software CD


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2012-6-12 16:39:16

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