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CAT 275-5121 Communication Adapter II

CAT ET function:

1.Display “Logged Event Codes” to show engine over speeds,High temperatures, fuel consumption, etc.
2.View ECM’s current configuration and change user settings
3.Perform diagnostic tests and calibrations, and calibrate
4.Electro-mechanical and electro-hydraulic components
5.Context sensitive help leads operator through every task Cat ET can perform
6.Data Logger and Data Log Viewer allows recording of ECM signals for delayed troubleshooting capability.

Functionalities Shows all operating conditions that cause high repair costs such as:
Over speeds, high temperatures, fuel consumption, transmission shift counts. This can provide awareness to change operator


Cat “ET Trainer” is now included in ET Program. It allows Users to train and practice using Cat ET without a Communications adapter or Electronic Control Module (ECM).This is a free feature of Cat ET.

Cat ET , is widely used in construction machinery excavator generators, air compressors,vessels, and other testing. no time limits, you can always use. Free upgrades, free registration, with a USB interface,suitable for all notebook easy to install all the Chinese data analysis, fault code, timing, throttle calibration, timing calibration, the hydraulic flow matching, computer board repair, refresh, computer-board programming , computer board preparation modified EFI engine maintenance.

Powerful diagnostic features: off-cylinder test, beyond the test, swing test,

ET is not just a diagnosis, the test tool also has a powerful maintenance functions, such as maintenance calibration: PRV main pump control pressure calibration, PRV power shift calibration, calibration of the hydraulic cooling fan PRV PRV optional flow control valve calibration.

The same applies to: Atlas rig, CSR rig, oil field equipment and other testing. Carter family for all engines, hydraulic, electrical systems diagnosis .



1.ECM Summary screen lists every control module on equipment
2.Being tested and gives information on these modules.
3.Fast hookup and real time display of systems status. Displays ,readings such as rpm, boost, pressures, temperatures, etc. for Easy troubleshooting.
4.Identifies faulty sensors, harness connectors, and system parameters which are out of specification. Allows customers
5.To help dealer identify problems without visiting machine.
6.Identifies intermittent sensors and wiring problems during Machine operation and keeps a record of each one. Showswhen problem occurred and how often it happened.
7.Added information to allow customer to assist dealer in diagnosing and repairing problems. (Troubeshooting Help is not built in with in the program, you will still need go back to books in order to follow a repair description and steps in each Fault Code display within the program).English and metric units of measure integrated help file to easy learn the "How To" around the software.



1. ET adapter

2.9-pin diagnostic cable

3.USB cable4

4.RS232 cable


6.ET 2010A cd (ET 2010A cd is agent version)

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